This is a mountain town, complete with frozen dead guy, adjacent to popular skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and hiking spots.

Located in a gorgeous flat valley just west of Boulder, Nederland was an ideal settling place for Native Americans and, later, trappers and hunters. Homesteaders arrived in the mid-1800’s and by 1871 the town, know by then as “Middle Boulder,” opened its first post office after the Boulder Canyon Road was constructed. In 1873, the Caribou Silver Mine was sold to a Dutch mining company called Nederland. When the town was founded in 1974, the community decided on the name Nederland. When the silver deposits were depleted just a few short years later, Nederland was little more than a mountain ghost town.

Nederland experienced another boom in mining in the early 1900s when tungsten was discovered surrounding Nederland. Tungsten is used to make steel. The town grew tremendously, then experiences another deflation as tungsten demand fell and the mountains became more accessible with the rise of personal automobiles.

In the 1960’s, Nederland became a hotspot for hippies and in the 1990’s the town began to grow again as people chose to enjoy the sleepy mountain town as a home and commute to jobs along the Front Range. The town is now a popular tourist location and is home to many thriving local businesses.